Code Generator


Code generation solution in seconds

Fix Bugs

修复 Bugs

Generate Fix Bugs based on the subject.

Improve Code


Generate Improve Code based on the subject.

Explain Code


Generate Explain Code based on the subject.

Code Review


Analyze and optimize code for efficiency and performance improvements

Code Simplifier


The Code Simplifier, perfect for developers, transforms complex code into more efficient, readable formats, enhancing clarity and reducing redundancy.

Regex Generator


Generate Regex Generator based on the subject.

SQL Generator

SQL 生成器

Generate SQL Generator based on the subject.

Tailwind Component Generator

生成 Tailwind 组件

Generate useful Tailwind components by AI

Terminal Command Generator


Generate terminal commands as required

LeetCode Solutions

LeetCode 解题方案

Provide effective solutions for LeetCode challenges.

Blockchain Code Generator


Automatically generate foundational code for blockchain applications

Makefile Writer

Makefile 编写器

Automate the creation of Makefiles for efficient software build processes

Dockerfile Generator

Dockerfile 编写器

Simplify the creation of Dockerfiles for different project setups, ensuring best practices and efficiency.

Mock Data Generator


Effortlessly create realistic mock data sets for testing and development.

Schema Resolver

Schema 解析器

Optimize data handling with our Schema Resolver tool, ideal for data analysts, software engineers, and DBAs. It streamlines complex data schemas, boosting data management efficiency.

Commit Message Generator


The Commit Message Generator crafts clear, concise commit messages for developers, streamlining version control and improving code documentation.

Error Message Explainer


Get an extensive explanation for any error message online

Security Code Scanner


Run a security scan on your code online with AI